If material procurement and logistics are the brain in our business, the assembly can still be said to be the heart. Almost everything we handle on behalf of our customers needs some sort of assembly to become a finished product.

There is a great deal of span in the assembly work and it requires us to be wide. Today, many products have some kind of electronics, and even if we do not mount electronic components on circuit boards, we must be able to handle sensitive electronic devices properly. Therefore, for example, we have invested in ESD floors throughout our workshop. Other special processes that we handle are gluing and casting that impose requirements based on external environment (no emissions of hazardous chemicals) and internal environment (work environment and personal safety). You get your product produced without having to invest yourself in drawer, full masks and other protective equipment. At the same time, you have good conscience knowing that everything is being professionally performed.

The assembly is the main feature of the operation. After all, we are called Montex, short for the mounting expert. We handle everything from fine mechanics in analysis instruments to packing coarse goods on pallets. Hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical assembly, medical equipment with individual test certificates for each product specimen, electronic control cabinet, …

We are honored to be able to produce your products at competitive total cost and of course the mounting step is important. We use crazy fixtures, put up the job to reduce all the waste of time and resources and strive for continuous improvements in working methods. In short, we are pretty sharp at mounting!