Today, efficient production is very much about managing flows. This applies to everything from supplier selection and ongoing delivery monitoring on incoming materials until the finished products are delivered in a resource-efficient manner to distributors and customers. Instead, stock levels must be balanced between storage cost and availability and in addition, aftermarket logistics with spare parts, repairs and warranty issues will be possible. Logistics comes in everywhere in today’s production and the contract manufacturer who is strong in logistics can affect the total cost of the customer more than the one who is only good at joining things.

Many of our customers say that perhaps the most distinctive and distinctive draw for Montex as a contract manufacturer is that we understand what logistics means and that we are actively working on logistics issues.

We place great emphasis on working with your goods flows. We design security stocks and finished goods according to your requirements for costs and delivery capacity. We can deliver an ordered item to your warehouse or we can run pick-n-pack of different orders directly to your end customers. We can take care of the entire aftermarket management with spare parts and returns. We can manage your inventory levels and put production orders to ourselves in a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution according to agreed rules. For our commitment, therefore, it does not start or end with assembly. Logistics issues enclose the other things we do and form a difficult overall.