High Demands

Medical technology according to ISO 13485

About 80% of our turnover is generated by customers in the medical technology sector. This means that we are used to working under strict quality control and according to carefully specified processes. For example, we are certified by one of Europe’s major manufacturers of drug manufacturing equipment to deliver directly to their European cetral warehouse without any quality control than we do.

Such a responsibility demands us as a supplier – especially when the strict administration of pharmaceutical manufacturing requires that certain products should have individually issued certificates for each specimen of the product including, inter alia, all test results

documented. We will therefore complete the entire chain, from sourcing through qualified assembly to advanced logistics, with the same high quality – every time.

We can do that.

But what does this mean to our customers who do not work with the same requirements as the medical technology industry? Will it be difficult and costly to use us? Not at all! We customize our routines to suit every customer. As a counterweight, we can also mention that we also carry out packing missions where the “assembly” consists of putting items on a pallet and pulling together with stretch film. Here, the focus is on sourcing and logistics. A wide range and therefore the corresponding span in our documented management routines.