What can we do for you?

If you want hard facts about us about companies, click here. But you might want to know more about what we do instead? We are involved in contract manufacturing. We do not have our own products and no own machining facility we need to fill. So we have nothing else on the agenda than to produce our customers ‘ products in the most efficient way possible. Yes, in addition to logistics then-to ensure that the input material is acquired from the right supplier and that inventory management and distribution is done on the right conditions. But in addition to efficient assembly and logistics, we have nothing else in mind. Well, of course. We can take care of aftermarket management directly from the end customer as well. And we can direct manufacturing directly from the customer’s stock levels. If the customer even has any stock-sometimes it is we who handle it too! OK, back to our services: efficient manufacturing, powerful logistics on input and output flow, management of aftermarket and manufacturing management based on market forecasts or actual demand. Nothing more. That’s All. Hmm… We could also tell you that we are giving production technical input to reduce costs and that we have well-documented work processes. Though it may be obvious. Well, no matter if you think it is a bit or much as we do, it is at least one thing that is indisputable. What we do, we do for our customers. For the large customer company, it often means that we relieve their organisation. For the small, it means an opportunity to focus on product development and sales and to avoid investing in our own logistics and production. We are convinced that it is precisely our logistics expertise that makes us stand out. What can we do for you?